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Training and Consultancy, focused on Human Centered Innovation and People Development.

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Innovation and People Development have never been as important as today.  The world around us is drastically shifting. It is time to re-think business models, enable the workplace of the future and ensure sustainability, in all we do. 

Based in Malta, but available online worldwide, we enable Innovation and People Development, through Design Thinking workshops and consultancy for Customer Experience (CX), Employee Development (T&D) and Sustainability (CSR)!

TinkTings is value led.  We do not reach our purpose when we make loads of money, although money is needed to keep us alive.  We reach our goal when we help organisations wow their customers, empower their employees to reach new heights, and leave a positive impact on society. 

That is what we are here for.

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Mobile: +356 79 256 124

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