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Corinne Fenech

Ok.  So here comes the part that is hardest for me.  Bear with me, because here I am supposed to talk about my greatness, and assure you that you are in safe hands.


You see, I would prefer it if we get to know each other in person, rather than read about me in this page!  But here goes...

I may not be the most elegant of creatures, (although I probably come pretty close to the most hard-headed one), but I do believe that just like everyone else, I have a purpose to fulfil, and with all my might, I want to explore and fulfil that purpose.

But, let me tell you how this all started.  Light years ago, a few weeks after I got my driving licence, and started dating my husband, I started my vocational training at the Institute of Tourism Studies, with job placements in three major hotels in Malta.  Fast forward a few of years, after a couple of short work experiences in the food and beverage industry, I joined the major telecoms operator on the islands.

My nineteen year career with this company saw me move from Customer Care Officer, to Customer Care Senior Officer, Junior Executive, Customer Experience Operations Manager and eventually to Customer Experience Strategy Manager.  As my roles changed, my focus on the customer evolved from direct contact, to managing the team who dealt with customers, and eventually to designing experiences, as well as customer strategy.  I was also lucky enough to receive my Design Thinking training at the Design Thinkers Academy in Amsterdam, and The Co-Creation School in Nuremberg, whilst my job allowed me to practice and share the acquired knowledge with my colleagues.

In the meantime, as an eternal nerd with a great hunger for knowledge, I graduated with a Diploma in Management Studies in 2004, an Executive MBA in 2008, and a Masters in Business Ethics in 2017, from the University of Malta.  In 2019 a new venture begins with the University of Glasgow, as I embark on a journey which will take five years of research in the area of Management Ethical Decision Making at Doctoral level.

Also in 2019, with a lot of help, support and heated debates with many people, time has come for me to take a leap and venture into entrepreneurship.  And this is how TinkTings came to be. 

Yes, it's a handful, but rest assured that I am definitely not all work.  When I am not immersed in my job and studies, I love to travel, write about independent and responsible travel on our website, trekking, and as a true islander, swimming for hours on end.


...also, I do not drink coffee, but I love a chat over a cup of tea, so feel free to get in touch should you wish to know more!

With BIG THANKS to the people who constantly support and challenge me to be better, especially...

Design Thinking Malta | TinkTings - Noel Fenech | Photographer

Noel Fenech

Photographer (and Husband)

Design Thinking Malta | TinkTings - Marisa Abela Gatt | Design Thinking Trainer
Design Thinking Malta | TinkTings - Rhona Friggieri | Design Thinking Trainer

Marisa Abela Gatt  Design Thinking Workshop Trainer

TinkTings - Ryan Mark Mifsud | Marketing

Ryan Mark Mifsud

Marketing Expert

Rhona Friggieri

Design Thinking Workshop Trainer

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