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Customer Experience (CX)

Workshops and Consultancy


Innovation by Humans for Humans

Get ready to shake things up! Let's innovate together by designing Products, Services and Experiences, that will connect to your customers on a human level, and build customer loyalty that stands through the test of time.
We organise CX Design Workshops and lead CX Implementations.
CX Design Wokshops

CX Design Workshops

Everyone Is Creative!

No matter if we are face to face or online, our Design Thinking Workshops deliver CX Design training in an interactive and fun way.   Here's what we are on about...

Every organisation is different, whilst face to face workshops and online mediums also require different approaches.  So we tailor workshops to maximise impact.  Here are some sample agendas....

Introduction to Design Thinking

Personas (Short)

Idea Generation

Idea Selection

Journey Mapping (Short)


Recommended For

A general audience such as IT Developers, Project Managers, Marketers, Customer Service 

Taster Class

4 Hours

or bite-size online sessions

Most Popular

Introduction to Design Thinking

Personas (Detailed)

Idea Generation

Idea Selection

Journey Mapping (Detailed)


Customer Interviews

Research Wall

Recommended For

Senior Management,  HR Professionals, Product Owners, Agile Team Members, Customer Experience Specialists

Basic Tools Class

1 Day

0r bite-size online sessions

Introduction to Design Thinking

Personas (In Depth)

Idea Generation

Idea Selection

Journey Mapping (In Depth)


Customer Interviews

Research Wall

Real Life Project

Field Research

Stakeholder Mapping

Dramatic Arc

Group Facilitation

Feedback Session

Customer Validation

Take Away Report

Recommended For

 Design Thinking Champions, Facilitators, Customer Experience Designers, UX /UI Professionals

Master Class

3 Days

or bite-size online sessions

CX Implementations

CX Consultancy

Let's Get REAL

Financial Benefits under the Malta Enterprise SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme apply

Making Customer Experience Design work for you and your customers


We are talking seismic changes here and we are living in an era when seismic changes are vital for every business! Design Thinking implementations are about leading a culture change in your organisation.  It means shifting focus from creating products to meeting human needs.  It also means breaking down silos and creating a common vision. 


Let's talk products and services. 

1. We audit current products to understand what is working and what is not, with your customers.  We'll give you ideas for improvement and change.

2. We'll come up with new products and services which will leave your customers thinking..."how do they know me so well?"...without being spooky, obviously!


Your Own Personas, Journey Maps and Stakeholder Maps

Getting to know who are your Personas is depth.  Mapping your own current and projected Customer Journey Maps.  Getting the full picture of your customers' stakeholders, as well as the relationships with those stakeholders.

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