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Employee Development Workshops

Face to Face and Online Workshops to Empower People to Be Better

We get it, and agree with you that employees are an organisation's greatest asset.  That is why we wholeheartedly believe that people should be empowered, to become the best version of themselves.
Employees are the ones who will make the future of any organisation bright. Discover their hidden potential and help them shine.
Have a look at our sample Employee Development Workshops...
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Employee Experience Workshop

Workplaces are changing! Let's have an open and honest discussion about what can change for the positive in the workplace.  We frame the challenges, prioritise, and come up with doable actions.  Then we prototype, test and finish off with a concrete plan of action which will improve employee satisfaction.

Intended Audience - Employees from all teams

People Managemen Workshop | TinkTings | Coloured Pencils | Noel Fenech Photography


People Management Workshop

You always promote your very best employees to  leadership positions.  Sometimes even the best, struggle to make the leap between being subject experts and dealing with people in their teams.  Also, often leaders are so engulfed in their daily job that they find it hard to put their head above water, and work together to achieve company goals.  We enable leaders to discuss their challenges and come up with solutions, reducing silos, increasing motivation and improving performance.

Intended Audience - Leaders from all teams

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Customer Service Workshop

It takes special stamina and dedication to serve customers every day. This workshop focuses on the people who are in direct contact with customers, be they face to face, via telephone or online. ​We discuss what makes excellent customer experience, tackle dealing with difficult situations, understand personal challenges, and plan a way to become more effective, less stressed. We aim to empower front facing teams to give exceptional customer service and feel better doing so.

Intended Audience - Customer Service Employees

Ethical Decision Making Workshop | Pedestrian Zone | Women in Jackets | TinkTings | Noel Fench Photography



Ethical Decision Making Workshop

No one can or will ever be perfect, but there are ways and means of improving ethical decision making at the place of work. This workshop is intended to create a lively debate.  It helps attendees understand what ethical dilemmas are, and the best ways to approach them.​  

Intended Audience - Leaders from all sections

TinkTings Co-Creation Workshop | Design Thinking Malta


Co-Creation Workshop

We bring people together and enable co-creation magic.  During this workshop we explore how 3+3 adds up to 10, and how working together without prejudice, enables everyone to achieve more.  During this workshop  we work with cross-sectional teams, leading them through co-creation techniques, enabling the breaking down silos and encouraging teamwork.

Intended Audience - Employees from all teams

If there are skills that you would like to empower your employees with, and they are not listed, just drop us a line.  If these skills are not in our toolkit, we won't waste your time and recommend colleagues who specialise in these areas.  If they are, we'll gladly support you!
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